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IVR and Tollfree

IVR is lead processing software from which your lead wil never be at risk. You don’t have to worry about missing your lead while you are busy or unavailable to take calls so it may help you to manage your leads detail on your system..Your customers will b professionally greeted after that the call will b transfer to your agents..If your agents are unavailable then the customer can record a voicemail.All the information related to IVR callings you can access it on your software panel.its a easy and smart way to know about all the tele-communication activities of your company.Its a easiest way to expand and enhance your manages your company image as a Huge company.

There is also a service call after hour service it will help u after your office hours.The professional voice will tell your customer,’Hello welcome u r calling after hours,u may simply record a message,we will revert you a call later’ you can catch your after your working hours lead also.. Toll Free number can make your business more accessible to your customers.when your customer knows that their calls are free of charge they will interact with you and they will inquire about your products without any concerned about their balance.

IVR resides and operates from the world's most reliable cloud computing platform, with inbuilt mechanisms for fail-over, redundancy, backup and auto-scaling. You might take a vacation, but IVR never will.

IVR packs in state-of-the-art powerful call management features. It has a wealth of features and configurations that ensure that the right call goes to the right person. We can also create a custom solution for especially complex scenarios. This technology provides benefit of auto scaling for during peak load hours planning becomes trouble free and effortless in case of increased call volume and in-and-out calls, without the need of infrastructure expansion.

As a small business owner, often times you're competing with larger companies. An 1800 number / Toll Free Number can make your business more accessible to your customers. When your customer knows the call is free, they are more likely to call and inquire about your product. Justklicks can turbo-charge a regular 1800 / toll free number provided by telecom operator. We provides a platform to intelligently service calls on toll free. Your existing toll free can easily be migrated.

Benefits and Features:-

  • Call Distribution.
  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR).
  • Number Of Your Choice.
  • Call Logs, Call Recordings and Conference.
  • Call Queues.
  • API Integration.
  • Text To Speech (TTS).
  • Customized Multi-level IVR.
  • After hour support.
  • Professional welcome message.
  • Multiple languge support.


  • SMS to Call.
  • Voice Broadcast.
  • Data Collection through IVR.
  • Customer Feedback.
  • Customer Mobile Verification.
  • Missed Call Back Service.
  • Emergency Communication.
  • Cloud-based dialer.
  • Measure marketing ROl.
  • Cloud based call center.
  • Click to Call.
  • Integration with CRM/ERP.
  • Features
    • Web Interface
    • SMS Alerts on Calls
    • Professional Welcome Message
    • Voicemail
    • Programmable Extensions
    • Multiple Language Support
    • Call Recording
    • After Hour Support
    • Advanced Call Forwarding
    • Custom OnHold Music
    • Fax to Email
    • Caller Location based Routing
    • Blacklist / Whitelist Callers
    • Conference
    • Sticky Agent
    • Multi Level IVR
    • Unlimited Extensions
    • ASR - Speech Recognition
    • Free Calls
  • ★ Best price ★
    for small business
    Rs 11,999.00 /year
  • ★ We recommend ★
    for medium business
    Rs 35,988.00 /year
  • ★ Best value ★
    for big enterprises
    Rs 71,988.00 /year